Web Developer


I'm currently working as a web developer for Universal Service Administration Company, where I've been for about 7 years. I'm the lead developer, and oversee website maintenance, redesign, new features, hardware upgrades, etc.

Previous activities include:

  • Designed and deployed a SharePoint 2010 Enterprise company intranet using custom templates, custom security implementation, migration from SP 2007.
  • Developed custom SharePoint features and solutions in Visual Studio.
  • Co-led major overhaul of www.usac.org, including hardware, OS, content, scripting, applications, search engine, and analytics software.
  • Co-designed and deployed a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 intranet, customized and corporate branded. Created custom site definition with custom content types and columns for standardized intranet team sites. Main site is fully locked down from personalization, and multiple team sites all have gradations of customizability. Produced a user guide wiki, and full user and content owner training plans.
  • SharePoint middle-tier design using SharePoint Designer (XHTML, XML, JQuery, Javascript), including custom lists, and interactive “applications” using only SharePoint Designer (no building or deploying required).
  • ASP.NET 4.0 application design, with data layer (SQL Server and/or Table Adapters), business logic layer, and separate presentation layer.  Each includes an error reporting database and on-line code documentation.
  • Managed server deployments for WSS 3.0, WebTrends Analytics, IIS 7
  • Oversaw deployment of ControlPoint SharePoint administrative tool, and use regularly for reporting and monitoring.
  • Redesigned WebTrends data sources and profiles for optimal reporting to website content owners. Maintained WebTrends SDC system and provided end-user support.
  • Lyris (mass email software) end-user support/maintenance